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Saturday, December 27, 2003
  Chihuly at the Franklin Park Conservatory
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  Stay tuned for pics from the Chihuly glass art exhibit and of course - Christmas 
  Hope everyone had a good holiday!

This has nothing to do with the holiday:

So far I have not used my blog as my soapbox but I recently received the link:Poll
This is a poll about gay marriage that supposedly is going to be sent to congress. I don't know how long the poll is going to be up. Feel free to give your own opinion.
I could write alot about this but I am not very eloquent. But I think it is interesting that anyone who is against this may all start with different reasons but end with: "It will cost us money" 
Sunday, December 21, 2003
  I am done with my Christmas shopping! I took a chance with ebay for my Grandpa's present and I think I am going to lose on that one. Don't think it will be here on time. Don't think he will be too disappointed, they're not used to getting anything from me anyways. I have added up most of the money spent on presents (notice the MOST) and you know that average around $550-600 they (whoever "they" are) say the average american spent? Well already over that! And I havent even paid for niece's Gymnastics lessons. I dont even have kids! I am blaming my brothers for this one. I know neither of them are going to be giving ANYONE much this year so I felt the need to compensate. Thank God for 5 Fridays in January! 
Monday, December 15, 2003
  PITY PARTYIt is my 5th day of work in a row and I am much to burnt out to make it through the next 8 days of work in front of me. 

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